Floating Life2 PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023

Floating Life2 PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023


Floating Life2 Full Version Free Download  In this feature-rich adventure map and turn-based combat game, gamers may customize their characters’ traits and engage in real-time interactions with a variety of non-player characters. In the process of breaking ranks and crossing borders, he gradually advances the plot, reveals the reality of the changes in heaven and earth, and influences the fate of the game world through… Along with the development of the game to join various styles of Xiuxian Zongmen, starting with the disciple of the outer gate to hold the gate authority, the entire party.


Floating Life2 PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023

 A free and unrestricted exploration encounter

The two expansive areas of Ancient Wilderness and Tianyuan State, which have abundant exploring features, are where the game was first released. In addition to worshipping the Zen door to acquire abilities to advance in rank, players can stroll between towns to build strength and unwind. As the game goes on, scattered settlements post commissions and change dynamically; a hidden replica of the secret world is another excellent location to take on formidable foes and find treasures.

 Genuine and captivating interpersonal communication

Players will be able to share more stories with random people in the game world as long as NPC interaction features are enhanced and refined. You can simply commit crimes, steal and provoke others, and enjoy the pleasures of full sexual freedom. Alternatively, you can take the initiative to attack, around mercy, and find a friend with a heart; or you can sit and talk with them, maintain a light nodding acquaintanceship, exchange what you need, and bargain for a little spiritual stone.

 An enormous collection of tales

The production team created a clear and cohesive primary story assignment for the Fuu Xiufairy universe, but they also included approximately 300 random occurrences, 30 side plots for players to explore and experience, and a diversity of interactions with all kinds of NPCs. The amount of text in the game’s tale will be around 200,000 words, which will be plenty for players to practice exploring the world.

Floating Life2 PC Game Full Version Free Download 2023

Educative gameplay features

The production team has worked tirelessly to increase the amount of gameplay material in the game. More branches are opening, new NPCS and stories are waiting for you to discover and experience, and there are a ton of new levels and story content in the Alchemy Workshop, Tavern, Brothel, and other buildings. The forging workshop has been rekindled, and the equipment forging system is now operational. The Colosseum’s spirit beast is waiting for players to make their largest wagers.

System requirements


  • Windows 7 64-bit OS
  • Processor: Core i3 Intel
  • Memory: Intel Graphics Series 16 GB RAM Graphics
  • Storage: 10 GB of space is available.
  • Extra Information: 1920 x 1080


  • Windows 7 64-bit OS
  • Processor: Core i5 Intel
  • 32 GB of RAM for memory; Nvidia GeForce GT520 for graphics
  • Storage: 10 GB of space is available.
  • Extra Information: 1920 x 1080

How to install and download

  1. To download Floating Life 2 for free in its entirety on a PC, click the button. 
  2. The game is complete.
  3. Simply download, install, and run the setup.
  4. There is no need for a key, crack, or serial number.
  5. After installation, begin playing.
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